HUGE Aussie Fundraiser

Jan 14, 2024

Register for Donations

Registering for donations is an essential step for any nonprofit organisation or school looking to receive financial support. In this article, we will explain how any school, sports club, charity or not for profit organisation Australia wide can register with the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser to generate valuable donations. 


    Steps to Register for Donations

    Follow these steps to register with the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser:

    1. Determine Your Registration Type: Are you a not for profit or charity with DGR status? You might be a charity but with DGR status for one program only. Do you know what part of your organisation you would like to send the donation to? These are questions only you know the answer to. Once you know the answer, you can complete our Registration Form and select the type of organisation. The options are school, sports club, not for profit or charity with DGR status. We accept them all.
    2. Understand the Requirements: To attract donations from sales, we need sales. To attract the most donations you can each year, you need to advertise within your network. We will provide you with flyers to help. There are no other requirements other than not bringing us into disrepute.
    3. Complete the Registration Form: Fill out the online registration form that you can see on our website and include the details of a person we can contact about the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser. The main purpose of us contacting organisations is to verify the details, ask about how they want to accept the donation and to check if they have received the flyers. It won't take long to complete those steps and then we don't contact you again until October. Registrations close on 30 June every year.
    4. Advertise: You might put a notice in your newsletter and a flyer on the noticeboard. How you advertise is up to you.
    5. Sale ends and donations are calculated: We will let you know in October how much your donation will be and to check bank details again. 
    6. Donations distributed: You will receive the donation in November. Please email us a receipt to remain on our list for the following year.



    Really Useful Calendars hopes to support thousands of organisations Australia wide over many years. Please help to spread the word about what we think of as one of the easiest fundraisers you will come across. We do concede though that it is not as fun as that Colour Fundraiser where the kids run around the oval and get squirted in different colours. Whoever came up with that, deserves a medal!