Supporting the Community

Jan 14, 2024

Supporting the Community

In today's fast-paced world, it is essential for businesses to go beyond just selling products and services. A successful business is one that actively supports and gives back to its community. Not only does community support create a positive impact, but it also helps strengthen the fabric of our society.

The Giving Back approach

Before Really Useful Calendars made even one dollar of profit, we were thinking about where we would donate profits one day. There are charities and causes close to our heart, like the Royal Flying Doctor Service and schools but we didn't think it was fair to limit the field. We thought it would be fairer to ask customers where they wanted the donation to go and to work towards generating lots of donations for the broader community.

That's when we decided our business was Giving Back from the very start and we plan to keep going until the end.

We want to be role models to other businesses who may adopt a similar method of supporting the community. Imagine buying a lounge with some of the profits going to your local community group who is also supported by every burger sold by Barry's Burgers? Wow! Funding flowing without even one grant application in sight. No wasted hours begging for funds and no volunteer hours selling sausages hoping to earn a few dollars.

How about the benefit to the community? Schools can have additional funds for projects like addressing the use of disposable water bottles. Researchers might have more funding to help cure cancer and the list goes on and on. Every community organisation, regardless of their size, might benefit from a donation.

Our HUGE Aussie Fundraiser

We created a simple way our business can support the community every year and called it the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser because our calendars are huge. This is how we decided to generate donations:

  • Create of list of organisations to donate to: Every school, sports club, charity and not for profit can register and we have allowed several months so that organisations have time to do so. We want to support them all from the School of the Air to Corner Country and everyone in between, large and small. 
  • We encourage them to advertise within their network: We ask  organisations to advertise the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser within their network. We help by encouraging people Australia wide to consider donating to organisations that may struggle to raise funds, particularly in remote and regional areas.
  • Every calendar sold results in a donation: We have made it a requirement that every calendar sold triggers a donation. If a customer can't choose which organisation to support, we will choose for them. 100% of the $10 donation per sale will go to an organisation from our list. We hope to help thousands of organisations over the next few years.
  • We distribute donations: Every November, we distribute donations, post information about how much has been distributed and to what type of organisations and wait for receipts to come in. Organisations stay on our list every year as long as they provide a receipt for the donation. 

Measuring the Impact

We look forward to hearing stories and seeing videos of how our donations have made a difference. We might help a charity keep the doors open or a school group travel to Japan. Sharing that information with the community via our Blog, You Tube Channel and press releases helps promote Giving Back programs for the benefit of us all.

In Conclusion

Supporting the community is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity for businesses to create a positive impact. By actively giving back, we not only support community initiatives but we say that they need more funding. It sends a message at a time when the cost of living has risen, not only for people in general but also for community organisations who may struggle to pay their bills. 

Really Useful Calendars didn't invent Giving Back but we are certainly proud to be one of a growing number so that all profitable businesses can support the community. We hope the HUGE Aussie Fundraiser becomes an annual fundraising activity for organisations who need more funding for the important work they do for us, our families and generations to come.