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Who can register?


Help us support schools Australia wide. To register your school, simply click the register button, complete a short form, receive promotional flyers for advertising, and submit an annual receipt. Registrations close on June 30th.

Need Some Extra Funds?

Sports in Australia

Our community benefits from the work by dedicated volunteers who rely on funding to keep going. To register for a donation, simply click the register button, complete a short form, advertise within your network, and submit an annual receipt. An easy way to fundraise! Registration closes on June 30th.

Charity / Not for Profit

Our Community Heroes

We want to support those who provide valuable efforts towards health, research, education, environmental causes, animal protection, social welfare and so much more Australia wide. To register, simply click the register button, advertise within your network, and submit an annual receipt. Registration closes on June 30th.


Our Calendars

We expect to launch 1 new product in 2024 and adjust the Calendary to be even better.
All our products are Australian made, large text, printed in black and white and are unique. You can't find them in stores and people rave about how useful they are.
Check back to see details and pictures. All products go on sale 1 July until 1 October.



To be eligible for a donation, you need to register. It is up to customers which organisation they choose for a donation. Our suggestion is to advertise within your network using newsletters, Facebook and any other way you can to spread the word. The more customers who choose you, the more donations you will receive. Just 100 people choosing your org will deliver you $1000 in donations so it is worthwhile spreading the word.

Yes. It is designed to be hung or to lay flat. That is why we didn't design it with a spiral binder. The glued top means that it can lay flat or hang up with each page tearing off.
A special month could be framed, photographed or collected. Be creative! Imagine framing a month and add in photos. How about creating a collage of a few special months? You are only limited by your imagination.
Absolutely! All our products are large text and printed in black and white so that they are easy to read. We don't have pretty pictures in our calendars so that there is more space for writing. Large spaces, large text and large calendars!
It is a cross between a calendar and diary, with a hard cover that you close like a book. It's A3 so it's large but it also means that you have lots of space to write in.
We close sales at the end of October so that we can print, deliver and calculate onations. That all takes time. We are mindful of the usual delivery delays leading up to Christmas so created a timeline that allows us to miss the crazy posting period as well as distributing donations before schools close for the year. We created a timeline from start to finish that works for everybody.

The Calendary keeps your information private as it has a cover that can be closed. The HUGE Calendar either hangs on your wall or you lay it flat. The Calendary has lots of room for notes and the cover can be personalised with drawings, photos or writings.

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